To build a village…

Just finished up my map of Kaire Village! I make a few changes here and there, but so far it looks pretty good and I feel like I'm making good progress towards a demo by Early Fall!     Until next time!   Monstructs  Melee!


Building a House with SAND!

After about a week of work, I remodeled an old desert map with a revamped, homemade tileset! PLUS: I'm currently workng on the final touches on the major external tileset sets. Here's how it's going, so far:  

Monstructs has hit INDIE DB!

I've decided to set up an IndieDB page for Monstructs to get some buzz going for it and I'm surpirsed to see it's climbed to the top 1000 in the Indie DB Rankings!   THanks to everyone who voted/upvoted/shared my game with the world! I'm still woorkingon the game as we speak.  And everything is … Continue reading Monstructs has hit INDIE DB!