Today is The DAY!

You finally get to Make your First Monstruct! It’s so exciting that you barely talk to your grandfather as your run out the door.

While you’re away, a strange trio of people stops by the house, looking to speak with your grandfather.  After a brief introduction, he invites them inside for refreshments. The leader, Johl makes a request of your grandfather, Oron, to share the formula for his latest Monstruct creation.

Oron refuses.

At this point, the conversation turns into an interrogation. You walk in the door just as things turn bad. Johl decides to use you as an incentive to convince Oron to cooperate. Your grandfather prevents this and tells you to escape through a secret passage while he holds them off. As you make your escape, there’s a huge explosion and you’re knocked unconscious.

Your friend, Flix finds you passed in the woods and takes you to safety. You wake up in Ard’s home, a family friend, and owner of the Fusion House. He tells you what happened to your home and grandfather. You and Flix (Ard’s nephew/niece) decide to investigate ruins of your house and encounter a strange man there as well. You demand to know why he’s there and how he knows your grandfather.

He agrees to tell you if you beat him in a Monstruct Melee. Afterward, he vaguely states his relationship with Oron and hints at even knowing you when you were younger. He assures you that Oron is alive before leaving. You search through the wreckage and find a package with a note and two books.

The note is from Oron, letting you know he is okay and to keep his notes safe from those three strangers, while he recovers from his injuries.

You come up with a brilliant idea. You’ll create the first Monstructs Assistance Agency This way you can complete Oron’s design, find clues to his whereabouts and live your dream of helping others at the same time.

With your grandfather’s notes in hand, your journey begins…