The END!

As some of you may have noticed, I haven't been posting from here as much. That's because I've gotten a new site for all my creative ventures, not just gaming. If you liked what I wrote and want to continue following me, check out my current venture site, One-Man Indie! I've reposted some content from … Continue reading The END!


Took some time away from graphic work to make a few needed tweaks to the Menu/UI format thanks to some help from a script and support over at CHAOS PROJECT FORUMS! Now my menus can get that much needed visual PUNCH when you play! See the results for yourself and give your thoughts!     … Continue reading Menu/UI LEVELED UP!!

Blasts from the PAST (or something like that)

It may come as a surprise, but this project as been going on for many years (more than a DECADE, actually). This game has been revamped twice, before this latest incarnation, (the last one I'm editing  from now). The first version was made on RPG Maker 2K3. Here's what I've worked on in the 1st … Continue reading Blasts from the PAST (or something like that)

Game Mechanic Footage!

I've been doing  A LOT of revamping and reworking on many important mechanics in the game. There's a couple more things I need to hammer out but I feel very satisfied with the work I've done on these three vital systems. First, there's the Caste Selection Survey that helps choose your initial Caste (this will … Continue reading Game Mechanic Footage!