Outside the Mining Town and a new Productivity App!

This is a peek at the LAST external Map of the Project. This is BurrowWide Mines, full of unknown riches and a sinister secret. Eventing this was so much fun and I hope you enjoy it! I've also come across a very helpful app that I feel will boost my productivity. It's called Toggl ,a … Continue reading Outside the Mining Town and a new Productivity App!


Grand City COMPLETE!

Just finished map design for the Biggest Map in the game--Grand City! This is where your can buy goods, meet other Makers and most importantly: fight in the Mele Arena!! Enjoy the pictures and share your thoughts.   As always, MONSTRUCTS MELEE!!

Monstructs has hit INDIE DB!

I've decided to set up an IndieDB page for Monstructs to get some buzz going for it and I'm surpirsed to see it's climbed to the top 1000 in the Indie DB Rankings!   THanks to everyone who voted/upvoted/shared my game with the world! I'm still woorkingon the game as we speak.  And everything is … Continue reading Monstructs has hit INDIE DB!