Solar Eclipse 2017: The Official Monstructs?

Solar-EclipseJust in time for the Soalr Eclipse of 2017, we present two Monstructs that would seem most appropriate; Shynesola and Shadyz!



Thesy’refrom the Halo and Umbra Castes, which have a strange relationship with each other. They both are weak and strong against the other! Plus one of them has a special surpirse that fits this event PERFECTLY!

Which one is it? FIND When the game releases?

…or maybe sooner?

Anyway, Happy Solar Eclipse 2017!

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Climbing the Lonely Moutnain…

While going to the bathroom, before I returned to more graphics work, I strolled thru the apps on my phone. My Twitter feed had something very that caught my eye. It was a post from gamasutra and I feel it’s an inspiration to solo game devs like myself.


Climbing an impossible mountain: the struggles of making a game alone

There’s great tips, helpful advice and resources for solo developers working to make their dreams a reality. Hope it helps!


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Outside the Mining Town and a new Productivity App!


This is a peek at the LAST external Map of the Project. This is BurrowWide Mines, full of unknown riches and a sinister secret. Eventing this was so much fun and I hope you enjoy it!

I’ve also come across a very helpful app that I feel will boost my productivity. It’s called Toggl ,2-Toggla free time clock you can use to track how much time you spend doing any activity (like, say, game development). If you’re really serious about being a game dev, then time is important. Meaning the amount of time you put into it will tell in your work. Will you put in the time to succeed? If you want to better track you work and boost yourself, FOLLOW THIS LINK!

Until next time, Monstructs Melee! cropped-cropped-monstructs-logo.png

One of the Best Songs out this year came from Regular Show’s LAST SEASON!

Yep, you heard me right. REGULAR SHOW!

While I’m currently in the process of finishing up my latest map, I’m obsessively playing this one song in the background. It’s music from an EPIC synthesizer battle between Gary (a David Bowie homage, if I’ve ever seen one) and his half-brother David from control of a planet called Synthos.

I’m mean, it’s been playing in my head since I first heard while binge-watching Regular Show’s last season. Here’s a clip of the actual Battle:


And also a link to an extended version that’s pitch perfect: