Thanks to inspiration from a video by Game Dev Underground, I’ve decided to change up some things on the website!

First, I’ve updated the HOME page to make it (hopefully) more appealing to the eye. This will be further updated once the demo is released and there are links to download.

Secondly, the STORY page has changed to make it less cumbersome to read and should be engage readers and visitors to the site. Next, I will make adjustments to the ABOUT page with (BETTER )screenshots and explanations to better showcase the games awesomeness!


I got new Sprites! YYYYAAAAYYYYY!


Many of these will be more widespread in the demo as placeholders for more variety as the game progresses to completion. What do you think of all the changes and surprises?

Enjoy your day!

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The Bad Guys have pushed back the DEMO! (not really)


Somethings have come up in life that have slowed down production a bit, but I’m still working one this. Currently I’m just going to make a few more character models. then start work on the many sytems that make up the game and will recuruit for bug hunting. More on this as time goes by. But for now…


Introducing the game’s main antagonists–The Malicious Trio!

Malicious Trio


From left to right, there are

Vayn (The Beauty)


Caste: Gem

Maker Rank: Adept

Favourite Thing: Anything SPARKLY…


Johl (The Leader)


Caste: Ember

Maker Rank: Master

Favourite Thing: Destruction!


Cirt (The Muscle)


Caste: Metal

Maker Rank: Adept

Favourite Thing: …


These will be the folks hunting you for your grandpa’s notes throughout the game and they’re very powerful. Make sure your Team is ready if you want to fight them, as they will have strong Teams ready to cover their own weaknesses.


Think you can take them down?

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Meet your Childhood Friend!

All of the Maping for the demo has been completed and we’re entering the aesthetics of the game project!



Let us introduce your to Flix, the childhood best friend of the main character, Aron/Eryn.

Flix’s gender will switch depending on whether you choose to be a boy or girl.

This character will play a serious part of Monstructs as you play through the storyline and be a serious help to you.



There MAY be a POSSIBLE romantic connection with him/her during the game as well. Would you like to see that?


Hurray for friendship!

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Can games made with RPG Maker be GOOD?

The answer is YES!

There have been many games made with RPG Maker programs that have went on to have great reviews and loyal fanbases. Two that I’ve seen recently so far are Heart Beat and Lisa the Painful (franchise?)


This is a buddy /monster collecting game with a very emotionally satisfying appeal and filled with lots of feel-goodness. See more here!




A 2D side-scrolling RPG with a twisted sense of humor and somewhat dark outlook. The battles are awesome! See more here!

Both of these games are very inspirational for me, as I’m currently using an older version of the RPG Maker franchise. They really push me to make Monstructs: Makers and Mayhem into something that will really resonate with  players.

To all other RPG Maker users, stay inspired and NEVER be discouraged! Be willing to take risks, ask for help and think outside the box. You just might make the next OneShot!


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Solar Eclipse 2017: The Official Monstructs?

Solar-EclipseJust in time for the Soalr Eclipse of 2017, we present two Monstructs that would seem most appropriate; Shynesola and Shadyz!



Thesy’refrom the Halo and Umbra Castes, which have a strange relationship with each other. They both are weak and strong against the other! Plus one of them has a special surpirse that fits this event PERFECTLY!

Which one is it? FIND When the game releases?

…or maybe sooner?

Anyway, Happy Solar Eclipse 2017!

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Climbing the Lonely Moutnain…

While going to the bathroom, before I returned to more graphics work, I strolled thru the apps on my phone. My Twitter feed had something very that caught my eye. It was a post from gamasutra and I feel it’s an inspiration to solo game devs like myself.


Climbing an impossible mountain: the struggles of making a game alone

There’s great tips, helpful advice and resources for solo developers working to make their dreams a reality. Hope it helps!


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