I get Engine Screwed!

Welp! I entered into the IGMC 2018, but because the RPG Maker MV engine has this INTERESTING (to put it in the most PG way) bug of removing USED files when the exclude unused files box, I got DQ’d for lack of files.

To be quite honest, I was FURIOUS!


I LITERALLY took a month of my life to make this got it in on time and because of an idiotic glitch I got bumped. (deep breath)

Lesson learned.

At least I have a cool PROTOTYPE to draw people to my style of games and may get a name for myself. So, it all wasn’t for nothing. But, this does make me think about restructuring things. I’ve come to the conclusion, that I need to make a site for may Let’s Plays(which, I’ve neglected), Blogging and Game Dev Projects.

So, I will Letting this site go and make a new one for all my interests and projects. I will update folks when the transition begins. Until then, I will update this sparingly.

I’m going to give you a brief update on what I’ve done since last post.

1. I’ve added a new feature that fleshes out the Making Grading System. Now there’s TRAITS!


Depending on the Making Grade, a Monstruct will be given a trait that influences certain stats (in positive AND negative way). I may add more, if folks are interested.

2. At this point, character sets are being made and events are being restructured to make the first BETA (hopefully before Christmas!)



I hurt my back TWICE (just by LITERALLY breathing) and it’s slowed down my progress, but I am still trying to push forward as time passes. So I want to thank those who’ve stuck with this. Your faith WILL be rewarded.

Thanks again and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Monstructs MELEE!!! cropped-monstructs-logo3.jpg

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