Rankings and Grades

Over the weekend, as I was finishing up the mapping for the game, I had a brilliant idea! Well, two actually. I decided to add a more visual component for two of the more important gameplay mechanics: Maker Ranks and Monstructs Making.

I was sitting with my daughter and watching some YouTube, when I asked myself a question.

What would make the player more keen to play the game?

ITHen I got the idea to show a cool graphic, along with a cheerful sound to make players feel like they’ve accomplished something by gaining a higher Maker Ranking:


I also had the same idea about the Making System:

There’s an added sound effect at the end to make the player have an emotional response/connection to how they Make Monstructs. I’m banking on that to help players appreciate the game’s systems as more than just  chore to do.

I also decided to gate formulas based on Maker Rankings as well. This is also to the game feel more strategic and more layered.

What do you think?

MONSTRUSTS MELEE!  Monstructs Logo

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