Blasts from the PAST (or something like that)

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It may come as a surprise, but this project as been going on for many years (more than a DECADE, actually). This game has been revamped twice, before this latest incarnation, (the last one I’m editing  from now). The first version was made on RPG Maker 2K3.

Here’s what I’ve worked on in the 1st reincarnation attempt on RPG Maker XP:

Here’s what my old making system used to look:

You can try it out here. It’s a quick little preview, I’ve since moved on to a better system:

Old Monstructs Making Demo

You can find more pictures at my Photobucket account:

Old Pics Slideshow

Did you enjoy this little trip down memory lane? I know I did! Enjoy!


Back to work for me!!  Monstructs Logo

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