Game Mechanic Footage!

I’ve been doing  A LOT of revamping and reworking on many important mechanics in the game. There’s a couple more things I need to hammer out but I feel very satisfied with the work I’ve done on these three vital systems.

First, there’s the Caste Selection Survey that helps choose your initial Caste (this will become more important as the game progresses).


Next, is the Monstruct Manual. It’s kinda like a monster bestiary you get from other RPG’s, except this one let’s you see the Monstructs you’ve made! Thankfully I got some much needed coding support to make this work.



Lastly, I’ve spent last weekend bringing everything I needed to gether to perfect y Job/Mission System inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics Advance‘s Dispatch Sysytem. It’s not the world’s best, but for one guy doing this by himself, I think it’s pretty good.

You get many valuable items and loot, which will help you out as the game goes on.



What do you think so far? Feel free to leave you feedback and thoughts here or on the DISCORD link on this site.


Monstructs MELEE!!  Monstructs Logo2

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