Where have I been and New Alpha 1.2 Update!


It’s been a crazy couple months! I’ve been dealing with sick family members and a low cash flow at the moment (if you’d like to help CLICK HERE!) has slowed production down. Plus, to be honest, I felt kinda down, due to not alot of folks really showing interest in this project.

But I haven’t given up!20170203-000


I’ve got back into working on the mapping and other systems that were bugged in the first demo and I’ve gotten a new ALPHA out for download! (Gamejolt and Itch.io) Here’s a sample of what I’ve been doing to get ready for it:

Sadly, due to a cash problem, I can’t really do graphics, but I have shifted into strengthening my coding skills. Currently, I’ve turned to resources to grow myself as a coder. I’m using SoloLearn and other resources to help me get much better.

Lastly, I want to ask for the help of you, the all-important puzzle piece, to help me make a better game! Your feedback, thoughts, and comments are what will make that a reality!


I made a Discord channel for those who are interested in growing this game and making a community! I’m there everyday and  hope to see some folks that I can talk with and chill. I’m also thinking about streaming me working on the game or coding. See you over there!


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