It’s been a very interesting few couple of weeks on the Youtube Channel. The tutorials I’ve been planning have done fairly well and even helped folks (which I really enjoy).  I only have one sub so far, but I think more will come. If you’d like, take a look at these Tutorials, you can click the link.

I have gotten a couple of reviews/critiques of the Alpha so far. One I’m highly disappointed in (since I Patroned these people), due to a lazy  playthrough. The other was completely different; very helpful and it was FOR FREE. It’s from Joe Cullen Review , a letsplayer from the UK! There was a lot of geat feedback that i can (and WILL) act on! Here’s the review from his channel:


Based on his behaviour, I’d say he deserves more subs than what he has. Drop by and sub this guy (tell him I said “Hi”).


Joe is one of the followers I gained from the Gamejolt page.


I’m pretty happy to see there is of a buzz for this. It’s a bit of an uphill battle, but I won’t give up.

Progress is still contuinuing with this project, and I’m moving at a steadily-ramping process. My latest maps are here:

West Port 1



If you’re reading this, consider spreading the word about this game, and even support the PATREON. Whatever you did, it means a lot!

Thanks again!

Monstructs MELEE!  cropped-cropped-monstructs-logo.png


Near End of Month REPORT

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