New Year and New Moves!


To all my readers, a Belated   XMas Gif

and  happy-new-year-colorful-fireworks-over-city-animated-gif !

I hope you were able to enjoy your time with loved ones and good food with great gifts/parties.

I’ve been spending the last month or so spreading the word of this great game. The Monstructs FB page has grown (there’s even a community, now), a promotional Youtube Channel: Channel Link and I’ve made promotion materials like PC Backgrounds and Screensavers, which are conveniently found here!

The Gamejolt profile was also updated with a downloadable version of the Alpha (so now, you have MORE places to get it)! I’m waiting for some more feedback from some letsplayers, so I can make a Presskit Page for the site.

Good news is I’m going back to work on the game and I’m pushing for the BETA version! Hope you look forward to it!

Monstructs MELEE!  Monstructs Logo2

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