Can games made with RPG Maker be GOOD?

The answer is YES!

There have been many games made with RPG Maker programs that have went on to have great reviews and loyal fanbases. Two that I’ve seen recently so far are Heart Beat and Lisa the Painful (franchise?)


This is a buddy /monster collecting game with a very emotionally satisfying appeal and filled with lots of feel-goodness. See more here!


A 2D side-scrolling RPG with a twisted sense of humor and somewhat dark outlook. The battles are awesome! See more here!

Both of these games are very inspirational for me, as I’m currently using an older version of the RPG Maker franchise. They really push me to make Monstructs: Makers and Mayhem into something that will really resonate with  players.

To all other RPG Maker users, stay inspired and NEVER be discouraged! Be willing to take risks, ask for help and think outside the box. You just might make the next OneShot!

For me, IT”S BACK TO WORK! Monstructs Melee!

Monstructs Logo3

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