Outside the Mining Town and a new Productivity App!

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This is a peek at the LAST external Map of the Project. This is BurrowWide Mines, full of unknown riches and a sinister secret. Eventing this was so much fun and I hope you enjoy it!

I’ve also come across a very helpful app that I feel will boost my productivity. It’s called Toggl ,2-Toggla free time clock you can use to track how much time you spend doing any activity (like, say, game development). If you’re really serious about being a game dev, then time is important. Meaning the amount of time you put into it will tell in your work. Will you put in the time to succeed? If you want to better track you work and boost yourself, FOLLOW THIS LINK!

Until next time, Monstructs Melee! cropped-cropped-monstructs-logo.png


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