The END!

As some of you may have noticed, I haven't been posting from here as much. That's because I've gotten a new site for all my creative ventures, not just gaming. If you liked what I wrote and want to continue following me, check out my current venture site, One-Man Indie! I've reposted some content from … Continue reading The END!

Monstructs ALPHA is 100% OFF TODAY!!

Hey there, folks! I know I've been away for awhile and I apologize. It's been a hectic couple of weeks finishing up a few details for the game and squash bugs (although I know they're still possibly lurking in there somewhere!) So far, I have an Alpha (playable, showing off systems, assets, etc) for consumption. … Continue reading Monstructs ALPHA is 100% OFF TODAY!!

Project Hiatus during the IGMC 2018…

Hi folks! I know I've been incognito for a while. I do want to say that I've done some more on the game and it's fairly close the first BETA release. In fact, I was getting ready to do just that, when I saw a post on Drifty's DISCORD about the Indie Game Making Contest. … Continue reading Project Hiatus during the IGMC 2018…

Rankings and Grades

Over the weekend, as I was finishing up the mapping for the game, I had a brilliant idea! Well, two actually. I decided to add a more visual component for two of the more important gameplay mechanics: Maker Ranks and Monstructs Making. I was sitting with my daughter and watching some YouTube, when I asked … Continue reading Rankings and Grades

Nintendo SHUTS DOWN RPG Maker’s POKEMON fan game ecosystem!

It's been recently announced on the RPG Maker web forum that NINTENDO has decided to put the kibosh on the Pokemon Essentials, a customized set of scripts used by fans to make their own fan games that started back in the days of RPG Maker XP (circa 2006). A lot of good games were made … Continue reading Nintendo SHUTS DOWN RPG Maker’s POKEMON fan game ecosystem!

Trimming the FAT! (Memento Mori)

This was a decision that was hard to make, but something deemed NECESSARY! After kicking the idea around in my head for weeks (months?), I decided to cut a feature from my game-- the Battle Tiles System! It's was designed to add some fun and variety to arena battles in the Grand Circle. It throws … Continue reading Trimming the FAT! (Memento Mori)

Underworlds and Secret Passages

I spent the last weekends (and part of today) Making the Sewer, Underground and Secret Room maps and looking for appropriate music to go along with them. Here's the Music I've chosen. All courtesy of Eric Matyas of Guess which one goes with each map! Underwater World Secret Catacombs Decisions Monsters Underground Have fun! … Continue reading Underworlds and Secret Passages

Blasts from the PAST (or something like that)

It may come as a surprise, but this project as been going on for many years (more than a DECADE, actually). This game has been revamped twice, before this latest incarnation, (the last one I'm editing  from now). The first version was made on RPG Maker 2K3. Here's what I've worked on in the 1st … Continue reading Blasts from the PAST (or something like that)

Game Mechanic Footage!

I've been doing  A LOT of revamping and reworking on many important mechanics in the game. There's a couple more things I need to hammer out but I feel very satisfied with the work I've done on these three vital systems. First, there's the Caste Selection Survey that helps choose your initial Caste (this will … Continue reading Game Mechanic Footage!

Where have I been and New Alpha 1.2 Update!

  It's been a crazy couple months! I've been dealing with sick family members and a low cash flow at the moment (if you'd like to help CLICK HERE!) has slowed production down. Plus, to be honest, I felt kinda down, due to not alot of folks really showing interest in this project. But I … Continue reading Where have I been and New Alpha 1.2 Update!

New Year and New Moves!

  To all my readers, a Belated   and  ! I hope you were able to enjoy your time with loved ones and good food with great gifts/parties. I've been spending the last month or so spreading the word of this great game. The Monstructs FB page has grown (there's even a community, now), a promotional Youtube … Continue reading New Year and New Moves!

How Missing two Deadlines HELPED MY GAME!

Earlier this year, around mid- to late-March actually, I decided to finally finish my game Monstructs and set a date for the Demo to be out by Early Q3 this year. Sadly, I had to work and take care of family needs and that really slowed down my workflow (although I still think I did … Continue reading How Missing two Deadlines HELPED MY GAME!

The Art of Making your (GAMING) Dreams Come True…

Let's face it! All of us game developers want to make something that will knock our players socks off and make a great living at the same time. Who wouldn't want that? But it isn't something that canbe done easily! How can you go about doing that? What kind of game can/should you make  and … Continue reading The Art of Making your (GAMING) Dreams Come True…

Yet ANOTHER Update!!

Good News!   We're almost out of the GRAPHICAL Phase of development! The last few character sets are almost done.                              Music anyone? We'll be entering the tweaking/retooling/playtesting phase. God willing, everything for the demo release should be ready for the Revive the Dead 2: Deader or Alive Event on and for general release … Continue reading Yet ANOTHER Update!!


Thanks to inspiration from a video by Game Dev Underground, I've decided to change up some things on the website! First, I've updated the HOME page to make it (hopefully) more appealing to the eye. This will be further updated once the demo is released and there are links to download. Secondly, the STORY page … Continue reading It’s UPDATE TIME!

The Bad Guys have pushed back the DEMO! (not really)

  Somethings have come up in life that have slowed down production a bit, but I'm still working one this. Currently I'm just going to make a few more character models. then start work on the many sytems that make up the game and will recuruit for bug hunting. More on this as time goes … Continue reading The Bad Guys have pushed back the DEMO! (not really)

Meet your Childhood Friend!

All of the Maping for the demo has been completed and we're entering the aesthetics of the game project!   Let us introduce your to Flix, the childhood best friend of the main character, Aron/Eryn. Flix's gender will switch depending on whether you choose to be a boy or girl. This character will play a … Continue reading Meet your Childhood Friend!

The Foundry…

Just finished the majority of BurrowWide Mines' heart of industry. Here you can buy all your metal goods, from pots to swords. This place will play a big part in the game. It was a bit of a challenge, but I'm pretty happy with the results. Forge ahead! (see what I did there?) Monstructs Melee!